Review of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

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Percy Jackson is a major film as well as a major book.Though my opinion is that the book is better than the film.

Shown below is the original cover of the Percy Jackson and the Lightning thief


Shown below is the cover of the film

Percy Jackson and the lightning is the first book of the five book series. The book is about a boy of 12 years of age, who is having some difficulties at school. Okay maybe it's a lot of  trouble since he is kicked off every school that he goes to, every year. As the story progresses he realizes he is a half blood/ demigod. Which means that he is half god and half human. But what god i hear you ask, well one of the great Greek gods of course. But there are so many Greek gods which one is it? Well that's for you to find out yourself.

Annabeth hoping to go on a quest was told that she was to wait for someone to enter camp half blood before she could. As Percy came to Camp half blood she followed him and befriended him. Before long Percy found out who his parent was and, Annabeth was in shock for as it is both their parents were old rivals. As Chiron granted Percy a chance to retrieve Zeus's Master bolt he choose Annabeth and Grover a dangerous quest to the Underworld...
As they venture on their quest to the underworld they meet Medusa, echidna (not the animal),Ares who befriended them and Hades.

"Ares came at me charging with his sword ready to slash my head off, and as he came i readied myself jumped into the air and behind him. As I was about to slash him he blocked it with his sword, as if he knew i was about to do that. Ares just smiled at me . Then it struct me, he was the god of war, that's why he could anticipate my every move! In the corner of my eye i could see police cars driving up the beach. As a police man came out of the car with a megaphone, Ares stopped fighting me, but instead concentrated more on the police. The police with the megaphone called out" Drop down the guns" I was confused because i was holding a sword not a gun, but as i looked down Riptide flickered from looking like a sword to being a gun. Ares just lifted up a finger and the police cars exploded. He came back and we started fighting again clashing swords against swords......As i sat on the sand Ares stood over me just about to make the final blow....."

In the end there was one final question who stole the master bolt?

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